You’ll need to arrange for housing before you depart for the U.S. Your employer will probably provide you with some information or assistance in this matter. Research the area to ensure the location you choose is safe. You can speak with your employer or local law enforcement if you are unsure about a specific location. Use websites like Google Maps to determine the distance to your place of employment and research routes, distances, and times for walking, bicycling, or public transportation. Getting to and from work, traveling and taking advantage of cultural activities is essential to a good experience. Prior to your departure, verify that any required housing deposits have been received and confirm all previously agreed upon terms for your housing in writing.​ Once you are here, talk to your fellow employees, your employer, your neighbors and even the local police about areas to avoid in the city, places worthwhile visiting, and other transportation options for longer site-seeing trips​​.

Dallas downtown skyline at night